Community Spirit Magazine started in 2000, with a vision of bringing the Church community together.  In 2018, the magazine was purchased by Omega League Media to continue this critical mission. We’ve revamped the magazine, directing us back to those roots—to IMPACT the Christian community.  With the Tulsa World no longer having a religious section (or writers), there’s not really a great way for the community to know what we’re all doing or, more importantly, what the community NEEDS to be doing.  

We feel our efforts at individual churches can inspire other churches with our successes, while helping guide others with our mistakes.  We are NOT just individual churches.  We ARE the “C”hurch—here to go and make disciples, reach our neighbors for Christ and to BE Christ in our community–TOGETHER.  We believe your efforts inspire great thought and action.  Our focus remains to drive us all to “Go. Do. Be.” The Church is both in the midst of revivals and turbulence. 

We hope to encourage you, challenge you, and empower you to be Christ in our community—so join with us in whatever way God leads.  #GoDoBe



Feel free to submit your feedback or ideas via the website communityspiritmagazine.com.  If you want to have your work considered for publication, submit your idea to info at communityspiritmagazine.com.

Community Experts/Specialists

If you are field expert and would like to learn more about being a contributing author, contact us at 918.956.0700 or info at communityspiritmagazine.com.


We would love to entertain your submissions, ideas and suggestions. Submit your idea at info at communityspiritmagazine.com!