Learn to Defend Your Faith
Dr. Jim Burkett

75% of Christian young adults will leave Christianity if not trained to think logically through a Christian worldview based on the facts of Christian apologetics. What is Christian Apologetics?

  1. Presenting the reasons why Christianity is a factual faith.
  2. Defending the Christian faith.
  3. Making the intellectual case for Christianity.


Apologetics Study Chapters are available in the Tulsa area:

Reasonable Faith Chapter—Mark Goodnight

Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each each month mark.goodnight@reasonablefaith.org);

Reasons to Believe—Dr. Dominic Halsmer

Meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Believers Church dhalsmer@oru.edu)

Oklahoma School of Apologetics & Practical Theology—Dr. Jim Burkett ccccpastor@aol.com

Courses have weekly schedule in area churches as well as APOLOGETICS-on-Fire Sunday Conferences at local churches

Next course:

The Case for the Bible—The Scientific and Historical Evidence

The Liberty Center (9410 E. 51st Street, Suite A, Tulsa, OK 74145 on Tuesday evenings 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM; January 14,21,28; February 4,11,18, & 25.

Register and Contact:

Liberty Center, Tulsa (www.libertycentertulsa.com) text 918-691-8756 or www.apologeticsonfire.com.

APOLOGETICS WEBSITES: www.oneminuteapologist.com Leading Apologists answer probing questions in 60 to 180 seconds. www.thepoachedegg.net One of the world’s leading apologetics websites. www.oklahomaapologetics.com