WILMORE, KY—Asbury Seminary Tulsa allows pastors, leaders and laity to pursue a theological education without uprooting their life and ministry. Along with the Master of Divinity degree, the Seminary offers master’s degrees in ministry and leadership.

Asbury offers a hybrid degree option so students can study online while staying on mission. With the hybrid format, students in the Tulsa and Midwest region can experience the convenience of online learning with meaningful in-class sessions just two to three days during the term of the course. This course structure gives students full access to the “Asbury Experience” in a rich, theological community. The Tulsa site is made possible by a partnership with Asbury United Methodist Church.

Asbury Theological Seminary was founded in 1923 by H.C. Morrison with a class of three students and an audacious seal that said, “The Whole Bible for the Whole World.” Its mission is to prepare theologically educated, sanctified, Spirit-filled men and women to evangelize and to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world. Almost 100 years later, the Seminary has nearly 11,000 graduates serving in every time zone around the world through social justice initiatives, government, art, mission organizations, education and the church.

To schedule a site visit, check out asbury.to/visit. For more information about the Asbury Seminary-Tulsa site, email Tulsa site coordinator Allison Gardner at allison.gardner@asburyseminary.edu or call 918.392.4590.

Student Who Recently Selected Asbury:

Asbury’s M.A in Leadership Studies balances between both continuing my studies from a spiritual and secular point of view. The M.A. in Leadership path I chose will give me skills I can put to direct use in my secular career, as I lead people across cultures, countries and beliefs. I looked at many other colleges– secular colleges as well as Christian colleges. Most of them only focus on one direction or the other. Either you will get a good secular education or a good Christian education. I was looking for a program that gave me both. Asbury definitely filled that need.

I wanted to study Bible truths to make my personal ministry and my responsibilities inside the church more effective. There are more and more differences inside mainstream Christian organizations. I believe generational gaps, cultural differences, as well as a decline in formal discipleship programs are to blame. A divided church was not the model Christ left us. There was only one church, the Church. Even spiritually, when dealing with a group of diversified individuals, leadership skills help navigate across differences. Asbury’s M.A. in Leadership program equips graduates with skills to lead and effect change across and increasing complex culture.

In addition, I wanted a college with a wholesome environment, where I would study with like-minded individuals. I liked the hybrid models we discussed. I needed a program that gave me the ability to do studies online on my own schedule. The blend between classroom time and independent study time is perfect. I think this is a good balance for the working adult who is also trying to pursue a degree.

I think Asbury’s program fits perfectly with all aspects of my life—professionally and spiritually.