Written by Teresa Goodnight

As a society, we have really opened up the door on “Free to Choose” in so many areas.  Many, I just don’t agree with on any level—but the beauty of America is that we offer those freedoms to our citizens.  Where it gets interesting is when freedoms are being pressed in one area, while they are being annihilated in another.  How can we decide a “woman’s right to choose” allows her the freedom to abort her child based on convenience on one hand and yet doesn’t offer a parent the right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their own child (the child btw they are trying to research every possible way to keep healthy and protected)?  How can one possess the freedom to choose to end life in one hand but not possess in the other hand the freedom to choose what they believe is the best path of protection?  So, I wanted to talk with some level headed doctors in the area to get their take. 

Broken Arrow Pediatrics specifically mentions in their advertising that they will work with families regarding vaccinations for their children.   They are also super clear they are 100% a proponent of vaccinations.  They believe vaccines work.  So, they are not by any means an anti-vaccination group.  That said, they also fully believe in the parents right to choose the best path for their child.  So, unlike many doctor’s offices that try to force parents to vaccinate their children in order to receive care—they choose a different path.  

Dr. Carl Pfanstiel said, “We would like to see children vaccinated, as we think it’s the best way to protect your children from these medical diseases. However, we fully believe that choice lies directly in the parents’ hands. 

There are a small percentage of children with specific medical conditions, which might contraindicate their usage.  These definitely exist.”  Dr. Pfanstiel went on, “Regardless, we still believe the parents get to choose what is best for their children’s health.  We don’t believe our forefathers expected medical professionals to ever deem themselves to have the right to some form of eminent domain over your children’s vaccinations.  We always offer the best medical advice we have.  For example, we suggest when to take something to reduce a fever, but many parents will choose to administer something like Tylenol at the first sign of a fever.  Others will let the fever run until 101 or 102 and then start treatment, as research indicates the fever is the body fighting the illness.  Parents painstakingly make decisions minute by minute to protect their kiddos.  

We are here to partner with them for the best possible care for their child.”  Dr. Pfanstiel continued, “That  said, we certainly don’t have the right to withhold treatment, because someone doesn’t agree with our medical opinion on a vaccination.  That sort of decision lies firmly within the parent’s rights.  We do think vaccinations are the best course of treatment though.”

Seems to me this group gets it.  There has to be a line in giving and taking away freedoms.  That line needs to stay within our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Once we start to give away these freedoms, we might find ourselves at a loss for how to get them back.