Written By Teresa Goodnight

The Silence is being Filled

Satan is winning battles all over the place in our silence.  It leaves a void being filled by everyone but the church–and being filled exactly how Satan wants.  In silence, we hear the rationalized, non-Biblical views on topics that the church finds too sensitive to discuss.  If we don’t offer God’s word from those with the most qualifications to explain it–well, you can do THAT math.


Satan is on a path to make us all victims—whether it’s of this sin or that sin. The more he can get us to make wrong choices, the more we become prisoners of our own making with the whisper of shame and guilt.  Maybe that’s the wrong wording. I think sometimes it’s more like the shouting to the depths of our souls that we are not worthy.  If Satan can trap us in condemnation, he thinks he has us.  We will feel unworthy to lead our families or the church. 

Just pick the sin—it really doesn’t matter.  He is targeting us to make us feel unworthy of anything God offers, and as such, unworthy of anything God would ever call us to do.  The victimization of Christians is staggering.  Satan does not care one bit which trap he sets that we fall into as a Christian or really as a human being.  He only cares that we fall.  He loves for us to feel the weight of guilt and shame that we never imagine finding the forgiveness and power to rise again. 

Haven’t you ever felt that way yourself?  I have. I could list my sins right here—and so many of them have pushed me to silence myself on different matters.  After all, if you’ve committed a sin, it makes you feel like a hypocrite to say it out loud to someone else about to make the same mistake.  My boyfriend in college was so plagued with his own sins of his past, he just never could believe God had truly forgiven him.  He lived in torment.  It felt like he was tormenting himself, but the truth was (and is), that’s EXACTLY what kind of self-inflicted pain Satan loves to dwell in.  He thrives on convicting, on shaming, on guilting us into not believing God would EVER forgive what we’ve done.

So, we are here today to stand with the wounded from Satan’s merciless attacks and share that God is ABSOLUTELY offering you all the grace, forgiveness, and the same love He offers to every one of His children.  God’s word is very specific.  “For God so loved THE WORLD…” (John 3:16, NLT)  

In that one statement, He included EVERY one of us.  EVERY one of our closet sins.  EVERY one of our gigantic, seemingly unrecoverable missteps and struggles.  He even included those in charge of torturing His son, on a cross, for the sins of the very world He was being sacrificed to save.  (Watch the “Passion of the Christ” if you really want to get a glimpse of how bad they were.)  If He included those torturing and killing His own son, why in the WORLD wouldn’t He include you?  Jesus own words from the cross after suffering so horribly?   Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34 (NLT).  

If you are suffering in silence, alone—start with your pastor and those on staff at your church.  They will be able to help you and point you in the right directions.  If you are seeking help with recovery from abortion, we have included a page with abortion recovery ministries in Tulsa, who can help specifically with guidance in this area.  If you aren’t part of a church or don’t know where to turn—reach out to info@communityspiritmagazine.com and we’ll get you contact information for local churches where we can plug you in with people we know who can help.  There are incredible churches all over our community ready to show you God’s love and help you know that you are NOT alone.