Written By: Gary L. Richardson

What brought me to write a book on the subject of FEAR?

Growing up on a cotton farm in Deep South Texas, way out in the country, I was a kid that lived with a lot of fear. I didn’t ask for the fear, it was just there.

I could tell a number of stories as to how fear displayed itself in my life when growing up. But, as I grew older, becoming a teenager, I came to hate the fear that I lived with even more. Most wouldn’t guess it, since today I stand 6’ 2” tall, that I was very small for my age when growing up. When I graduated from high school I was still only 5’11,” having grown two inches in the previous two years. So, I was always small for my age until my second year in college. I later learned that this was something that happened in the Richardson lineage. The men got their height much later than normal, just as I did.

In my late 30s I decided to do something, whatever, to deal with my fear issue. In doing so, I went to the Scriptures to learn what was said about the subject of fear. Thus, my book evolved from several years of studying.

In this book, Fear Is Never Your Friend, you will learn what I have learned that has resulted not only in the book but also in my reputation for fearing no man. To understand more you will need to read my book and learn from a Spiritual basis as well as a practical basis why FEAR IS NEVER YOUR FRIEND.

Several years ago I had a meeting with a banker friend, and after greeting one another, she asked, “Anything new going on in your life, Gary?” I replied that I was working on a new book. “What’s the title,” she asked. As I said the words “Fear Is Never Your Friend,” I could discern by the look on her face that she wasn’t buying into that thought, so I asked her to explain why. She said, “Well, if I saw a snake on the floor that was set to strike, I think my fear could help me remove myself from danger.” I then asked what she thought a two-year-old child crawling on the floor would do under similar circumstances, and she responded, “Probably go to the snake,” to which I agreed. My point was that it was her knowledge (dangerous snake set to strike) and her wisdom (need to get out of harm’s way) that caused her reaction, neither of which the two-year-old was equipped with. When my banker friend and I had that conversation, I already had discussed the subject of my book with numerous friends and had received responses from them similar to hers.

The Bible is replete with the admonition that fear is never our friend (with the exception that we are to fear God, which is a reverence of God). Yet, it is all too common for believers frequently to use the words, “I was afraid to do” such and such, much like those who say, “I don’t do this or that for fear of getting hurt.” In Fear Is Never Your Friend, you will learn in a meaningful way the truth of taking fear out of your thinking. Again, it’s knowledge and wisdom that are your friends.

I have found over the years of doing seminars on this subject that it greatly impacts a person’s life by learning the importance of taking the word “fear” out of his or her conversations. In the seminars, time permitting, I give an overview of every chapter in the book, which is a great help, possibly a “must,” in impacting individuals to the place where they can walk away from the seminar totally convinced to remove fear from their lives and conversations. Much of the same can be accomplished by reading Fear Is Never Your Friend.

“We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

My friend Rev. Wade Burleson wrote a four-page foreword for my book, and in conclusion he wrote these words: Former Prime Minister of India Jawaharial Nehru is quoted as saying, “There is perhaps nothing so bad and so dangerous in life as fear.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American lecturer-philosopher, wrote, “The wise man in the storm prays to God not for safety from danger, but for the deliverance from fear; it is the storm within that endangers him, not the storm without.”

Fear has reached epidemic proportions in America today. It’s as if it is almost a contagious disease rendering a person weak and ineffective, robbing him or her of the joy of life. Noted Christian writer Oswald Chambers says in his daily devotional book, “If Jesus ever commanded us to do something that he was unable to equip us to accomplish he would be a liar.”

In reading the book Fear Is Never Your Friend you can come to the place of overcoming the fear that many live with. As I said to my doctor once when he commented, “The only thing we have to worry about is…” I stopped him and said, “Doctor, I don’t worry about anything,” and then I added, “but if you tell me it will help to worry, then I will.” Of course, he did tell me to do that.

Ephesians 4:29 says, “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

Read Fear Is Never Your Friend and become one of the many that have shared with me over the years how they have been liberated in removing fear from their lives.

Here is what one reader wrote that stands out among the many responses I have received from those that have read Fear Is Never Your Friend.

It is rare that a writer captures just the right words with just the right story examples with just the right tone to create a desire for change by and within another person, but that is exactly what Gary Richardson has accomplished with his remarkable book, Fear Is Never Your Friend.
I have agonized many times about making a decision – sometimes professional, sometimes personal – simply because I “feared” that someone would like me less or think less of me because of my choice. Sound familiar? Well, making those torturous decisions got easier a few years ago after I first read Fear Is Never Your Friend, which I describe to others as “medicine for a bad case of ‘I’m afraid to …’”

In this inspirational book, Gary lays out key tactics to help overcome fear, and it is these life’s lessons of his that have helped me navigate through life a lot easier. Here are a few of my favorites: * We have the right to decide what will be a part of our lives. * If we allow negative and fearful thoughts to live in our minds, we will discover they are expensive tenants; instead, stop negative thoughts with hopeful, faith-filled thoughts. * Choose your thoughts wisely; monitor what enters your mind and heart. * Choose your words carefully.

My summation of these gems of wisdom is, “Do not fear your fearful feelings. Challenge them and focus instead on how you will defeat them.” Fear Is Never Your Friend will not miraculously get rid of fear in your life, but it definitely will teach you how to do so.

Joyce Gideon
Public Relations, Editor, Writer

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