Community Spirit is humbled to honor Miss Molly McKinney from Jenks High School as our Student IMPACT contest winner. Molly will use the $250 to further the development of her website, so that she can sell her products to fund missions project for little children in Guatemala. 

(Wouldn’t it be great if a web designer stepped in to help her?!? Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge.) 

Molly–We were so excited to meet you and learn about the mission God has you on. You are well on your way to creating a legacy of life lived for Christ. We can’t wait to run your first ad for free when the website is ready to go! Check out the “almost” finished project at

Molly’s submission: 

“The day I stepped onto the docks at Mission El Faro, my first thought was ‘I feel like I’m at home’. Every time I held a child, I was thinking ‘How are you so happy with so little?’ The answer I received was ‘The joy of the Lord is instilled in them.’

From that moment on, God was formulating a dream in me and opening doors for me to live it out. The joy these children have is the joy we all strive to have. 123 Pearls is investing in these children. Through your purchases, you will be blessing them and preserving a life of joy, love, grace and wisdom that only comes from God. 123 Pearls is giving back to honor God, Guatemala, and can help you fulfill your joyful journey for the Lord.

These kids and that place have been a constant love in my life. They showed me a new and truer meaning of God’s work in places outside of just my home. This is how this has impacted me and now I’m doing what I can so others are impacted through my new mission. 

Being able to do labor work in El Faro for only weeks at a time has made my hunger grow stronger to do more. Therefore, I have taken my resources to help provide life changing experiences for those who feel like are beyond an “everyday” reach.

I’m 17 years old now. My first year travelling to Guatemala, I went with Redeemer Youth at Redeemer Church. Last year, I went with Young Life. Paul Phipps has been my youth pastor for the past five years and now I am a young life leader for him!