Written by Teresa Goodnight

At the end of January, after February went to print, the state of New York passed a law allowing women to terminate pregnancy up to and through full-term for reasons one might use to return a sweater to the mall. In celebration of what they labeled women’s rights, they lit the heralded Freedom Tower in pink.

It’s puzzling why a tower dedicated to precious Americans, who lost their lives in a horrible strike against our freedom would be the choice for a celebration of forever silencing these children. These children, who wouldn’t be given the basic right to enter independence and start their new life independent of their mothers, could now be terminated at will. 

A child with placental complications is at higher risk, as is the mother, from birth issues—some of which can be pretty severe. How God crafted the mother’s body to give a home for her baby to grow is quite fascinating. The father’s role though is equally interesting inside the womb. The sperm creates both the placenta and umbilical cord. So, it is the father who is the life connection inside the womb for the baby to grow. It’s a beautiful process involving both parents. Both parents are responsible for sustaining the baby’s life while it’s readying to enter the world as an independent little one. The father’s role is not often discussed. It’s really a beautiful collaborative event God created.

My mother was a premature baby in the 50’s, weighing in at only 4 pounds. It’s quite the miracle she’s even here—that I’m even here for that matter. However, if a baby can survive at such small sizes, in such an early delivery, it’s easy to see the line for viable, independent life is crossed quite early in the womb. Interestingly, if a child’s air were cut off while being born, it would gasp for it. On its own, it would choose life. It just does. If we’re honest, I think we all choose life when given the choice for ourselves. It’s offensive to me as a woman and a mother to see the act labeled and celebrated as a right for the mother. How can we just eliminate the part of the father living inside the mother, providing sustenance to the baby? How can we eliminate the right of the one, who is at a point in life where it would naturally choose air if it were taken away? The rights of the unborn without a voice are being suppressed by the alleged right of a mother, who was entrusted with the rights of all three. Should her “rights” come at the expense of another’s rights? 

Seeking the right to terminate a pregnancy, when the child living inside already responds to mommy and daddy’s voices, is a difficult choice to understand. Those precious curves of the baby’s foot that press out so that you can touch it on its exploratory path. The hiccups you strangely feel inside. The pressure on your ribs with that push as the baby turns in order to be ready to head out and start this new journey. That precious child growing inside, looking for care and protection, is certainly not thinking about anyone’s freedom except its own. What law will be passed for the one without a voice to be heard? What tower will we light for its rights if NOT the freedom tower? 

A Christian’s heart should not just break for the child. It should also break for the woman, who thinks she’s expressing her “right to choose.” Then, finds herself completely crushed from the weight of her irreversible decision. She might have felt trapped. This decision might have felt the easiest way out. I haven’t met a lot of people who want their missteps heralded all over town for 9 months. These women are in an incredibly difficult place. These laws offer a seemingly free and clear path of freedom. It’s impossible for any of us who haven’t been there to understand everything going on inside of that woman. Whatever it is, she doesn’t need to be met with those who don’t understand spouting off their insults or hurling things at her on her journey. She needs love, compassion, and real commitments to help. Hurling these kinds of sentiments can help her get through her situation, maybe choose adoption for her child. God offers all of us His love and mercy needed to fix a broken heart. He has it. He offers it freely. 

In Romans 3:23, He says, “For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.” ALL. As such, we should also ALL hold onto the grace we were so freely given by God and give it to others. As the church, we need to find new ways to make a difference. The days of hurling objects and insults (and even worse) should also be gone. They never should have existed honestly. 

So, for the lives of children who will never be born, we light this page in pink and blue, representing the little boys and girls. We light it as their voice, but we also light it for the men and women caught in this turmoil. We pray they will find groups like Mend Crisis Pregnancy, Crisis Pregnancy Outreach, Hope Pregnancy Center, Go Life Mobile Medical—all in Tulsa or the Pregnancy Resource Center in Owasso to name a few who are lighting the way with love.

Finally, we light it for those who have already gone down this path. May all who have fallen into this step find God’s love, which knows no bounds. That love that sacrificed everything for our mistakes also covers the mistakes of these lawmakers. That love extends to these mothers and fathers. That’s the kind of love we experience from our Father in Heaven. Unconditional love dripping undeservedly all over us with grace to remove sin as far as the East is from the West. May we all find His peace to choose better. 

Please join with us this month in prayer:

Lift up the leaders, who passed this law–for hearts to be broken by the weight of their decision. Pray for their change of heart. 

Lift up the ones who seek to use the power of this law to terminate the life within them. Pray that someone, somewhere will touch them with the love of Christ. Pray God will send someone to help guide them to a better place for themselves and their child through an option like adoption. 

Pray for those women broken by their “rights.” We cannot understand, but God’s forgiveness and love is right there for them, just like the rest of us.

Lift up the nation, “united under God” to remember the protection His veil affords. Pray for all of us, who as a nation allowed this to happen by remaining silent. 

Pray Christians will respond with that ridiculously amazing, unconditional love God shows us even though we’ve made bad choices—and let that love light the way back from this darkness.  

#GoDoBe. No. Really.

Devaluing human life through a “right” for women—who will be the next victim of our “rights” if we continue to just watch it all unfold? Just giving an emoji or a directional thumb is a mere whimper of support. Join groups like Focus on the Family in NYC in person for “Alive in New York.” Find ways to give financial help. Reach out to one of the many amazing pregnancy resource centers, like those mentioned in the article, to help. Reach out specifically to women caught in this battle. Reach out as your church, as THE “C”hurch. We don’t offer a moment of prayer as a substitute for further action. We pause to get direction from our mighty God to face this with His guidance, wisdom and love. 

Do more than let your voice be heard. Let your actions be seen. Let your love be shown. Go be Christ to the women and men in crisis. Go do whatever God is calling you to do (in love) to help.  Be Jesus, not throwing the first stone, but loving the lost as Christ has loved us.