Month: February 2019

JHONNY F. (14 Years Old)

Jhonny loves to go to the movies in his free time. His favorite all time movie is “Ironman”. He has a friendly smile and big eyes. When asked to describe himself in three words, Jhonny said “likes to dance.” He would love to have a horse of his own and he wants to be a horse trainer when he grows up. If he could have a car right now, he would choose a race car with blue and white stripes.

JOHN B. (16 Years Old)

This sweet young man is John. He is talkative, respectful and kind. He said that he would love to be able to help others whenever he could. He enjoys basketball and hopes one day to play in the NBA. It is his favorite sport and he is an excellent player. Of all the people in the world, John would like to meet Justin Bieber. He thinks he sings pretty good!! John loves the winter, especially when it snows. And although his favorite season is winter when it comes to travel it would be anywhere they have a beach!!

ZAYNA S. (15 Years Old)

Zayna is in the 7th grade and is quite a well-rounded young lady. She loves going to the lake to swim and fish. She’s creative and likes drawing people. Zayna really enjoys horses, puppies, cats and dogs. She says if she could have a super power, it would be to be invisible and be able to fly. She would like to travel to Florida by air because she has never been on a plane. Her favorite subject in school is social studies. Zayna likes watching the news.

BLAKE P. (17 Years Old)

Blake is easy to get to know, and an exceptionally imaginative young man. He enjoys playing video games and reading fantasy novels. He aspires to become a novelist, and is currently working on his first one —an epic tale about dragons!

JUSTICE K. (17 Years Old)

Justice, a very active boy who is interested in many sports – basketball, track and most of all mixed martial arts. He has been seriously involved in Mixed Martial Arts for 3 years. However, he still loves to play basketball. Although he has a beautiful smile, he does not like to smile in photos. His favorite subject in school is English.

DASHAUNIQUE P. (16 Years Old)

Dashaunique is an extraordinary young lady with poise and confidence who is creative, athletic and optimistic! She also likes to sing and play volleyball. She likes guinea pigs and hopes to become an EMT one day. She dreams of going to the beach, more specifically California, someday.

ASHLEY C. (17 Years Old)

Ashley is somewhat shy and a loving young lady. She loves to play board and card games such as UNO. Her smile melts your heart. She dreams of going to Mexico someday.

ANDREW N. (15 Years Old)

You cannot look at Andrew without first seeing his beautiful smile. It goes along with his upbeat personality and positive attitude, something he prides himself in. Andrew loves traveling and eating. He enjoys all kinds of music from country to hip hop. Hip hop is his favorite right now. Andrew’s number one wish is to be adopted. He desires to finish high school so that he can pursue his dream of opening a chain of Hair Salons. He knows that people feel their best when they feel beautiful and you always see that when someone gets their hair styled. He loves to see them smile and make their day. He would love to meet Michael Oher because their stories are very much alike, from the streets to adoption! He is believing and staying positive.

ALEX W. (16 Years Old)

Alex is a sweet and respectful young man. He loves science and learning how things are made and come about. He also loves animals like dogs but his favorite is the hedgehog. Alex enjoys watching anything that pertains to them because he thinks they are incredibly funny and cute. Alex would like to become a Diesel Mechanic and would like to start a rock band where he would be either the lead singer, drummer or the guitarist. If Alex had three wishes they would be to meet Wonder Woman, have a Classic Mustang and start learning how to play music for his band. On Saturday mornings you can find him watching cartoons and showing off that award winning smile of his.

BRADLEY B. (14 Years Old)

Bradley is an active boy, plays football or baseball in his spare time or he will be on his bicycle. He loves the movie Cars 3 and would like to be in the movie as Justin Bieber’s character. He would like to own a dog and name it Blackie. His dream job when he grows up is being a race car driver. He would like a Lamborghini, a Charger or a Camaro.


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Written by Teresa Goodnight

Biology, the study of the human body. Anthropology, the study of humankind. 

Carson Lowe started Biological Anthropology not thinking much more about what to expect than that he was taking a basic course in college. After all, in this age of where we are to accept anything and everything, you would expect a college course to be fair and balanced. Right?   

“The professor started the first week in a 250 person class in a big auditorium talking about deities, creationism, and about a creator blatantly saying ‘There is no creator.  There is no deity,’” said Carson.  Carson said the professor went on, “He explained there is really just no God that created us. My fraternity brother and I looked at each other like ‘Did he just say that? Did he call us out that way?’”  

“We had never been told that as a ‘fact’ by an authority figure we were supposed to trust. It just threw me,” said Carson. He followed, “They are so quick to say not to offend anyone with genders or whatever the social issue is—and I’m sitting there as a Christian wondering where the balance is. I wanted to stand up on my table and ‘Oh Captain my Captain’ but the professor was kind of a jerk. He was pretty cold. You could tell he wanted an argument. He would spout off information that was just not true and how there just couldn’t be a God as if he were an authority with facts to back up his beliefs.”  

Carson first found himself wondering if the guy had ever seen the Grand Canyon or the ocean. He said, “God is so evident in everything around if you look at the complexity of life, but it was a little rattling to experience that kind of forceful declaration from a professor. Then, he continues that tone for the whole semester.” Carson stayed in the class, but was constantly in awe of the hard-pressed nature of the anti-deity rhetoric he taught. Carson said, “I don’t know exactly how God created what He created, but I do know He did it. So it was something to hear this guy just speaking against it with some kind of authority like he could possibly know.”  

Carson’s foundation with his Christian education at Mingo Valley Christian laid the groundwork to keep him centered during a time of attack. Carson explained his Christian education was spread throughout his tenure, but it was really ramped up with Nate Madden, his Bible teacher. During the college class, Mr. Madden’s lessons came rushing back to him. Carson said, “Mr. Madden taught a theology/world views class his senior year. It was basically about understanding your faith, what it is you are saying, and what it is you believe in. We even had classes in years past with him about what other world religions believe.” Carson felt he had been prepared to face this kind of pressure although he didn’t really realize it at the time it was happening. He said, “Mr. Madden taught us exactly what we needed for moments like this. In the class, it was really getting a hold on what I believe and then understanding what others believe so that I can have that conversation with actual knowledge.” 

Carson believed those years and years of preparation with Mr. Madden made such a difference. Carson said, “Those classes really sparked questions I had thought about before that had gone unanswered until the class. The training inspired me to learn more and to pursue my faith as my own. I didn’t realize it at the time, but they enabled me to be able to stand on my own two feet when talking about my faith–and in a way that wouldn’t have happened in the church and certainly would not happen in a public school.”  

It was “years and years and years” of doing school with Mr. Madden and the other teachers at Mingo Valley Christian that Carson felt prepared him for what he was facing.  Carson said “Mingo Valley went into deep theology for high school. You wouldn’t believe it. I would come home and have these complex conversations with my parents.  Sometimes, I was even explaining some of it to them just because the theology was advanced stuff.” Carson explained they were really diving into Calvinism for one. Then, his teachers would dive into some of the harder questions about the Christian faith, things he felt they would never get into in church.

Carson continued, “I didn’t realize it while I was there. I really didn’t. I was a bit arrogant in high school and I’m probably still a little bit arrogant. I was just going through that information, but I was retaining it, holding onto it, and then in college I was really clinging to it.” 

So I just analyzed everything I was taking in. It was all just surprising to me. I remember getting out of that class and wanting to give Mr. Madden a call and tell him like “DUDE! You prepped me for today. I fought something off today and I’m happy about it.” 

Carson continued, “When you hear that from an authority figure, you want to just believe it. I’m a trusting person, some might tease I’m a bit gullible, but when someone tells me something I am not very skeptical. I tend to believe what people tell me for the most part.” Then Carson explained, “In my faith, when it comes to people discussing theology and people discussing God, I have learned to keep my guard up in ways I don’t do in other areas of my life. I got that from Mingo Valley Christian, which is a very hard thing to do. Even when I hear a pastor talk about the Gospel, even when I’m sitting in my church, I’m fact checking and making sure ‘Is this guy preaching truth?’ and taking it to the Bible. It’s not because I don’t trust them, but really it’s because it’s my duty to stay true to scripture above all else.”

It’s amazing to me how much my Christian education from Mingo Valley has played a part in me keeping true with the Gospel. It built the groundwork for me basically to be able to run.  

Carson spoke highly of friends in several private Christian schools around Tulsa, confirming how incredibly lucky we are in Tulsa to have so many options. Each one has a different appeal—a different way of being a fit for your child. Large, small, Montessori style or a specific denomination you prefer–we are truly blessed.

To wrap up, I asked Carson what he felt like was his main message to the Christian community. Carson immediately replied passionately.

“Honestly I can say this wholeheartedly, that Mingo Valley Christian, or really just Christian education, as a whole, may have been the single most beneficial thing for my faith that I have had in my life.

That’s a bold statement considering I go to a good church. I’m in a Christian fraternity. I’m doing all these communities that are about the gospel, but none of them prepared me for the Christian faith more than Mingo Valley, or just Christian education has done.

“And, truth be told, I don’t understand if you have the resources to do it—I do not know why you wouldn’t regardless of what school. I think as a Christian parent, if you can, it’s almost foolish not to do it. You should do it.”